Allied Professionals: Travel CNA, LPN, and RRT Qualifications

Every facility has their own unique set of qualifications. Below you will find Next Move’s standard qualifications for all Allied professionals. For questions, contact us directly.

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Travel CNA, LPN, RRT Qualifications

Most healthcare facilities are looking for experienced travel CNA, LPN, and RRT healthcare professionals with at least 2 years of recent bedside experience. These years of experience give you:

  • Expanded knowledge of patient care
  • Enhanced communication skills with team members, patients, and relatives
  • Improved practical ability
  • On-the-job insight
  • Heightened confidence

Unlike many other health professions, an Allied health occupation does not require years of extensive training. Most CNA, LPN, and RRT programs can be completed through a vocational or technical school or a community college.

You must obtain an active license in the state you in which you wish to work. Licensure requirements vary by state.

If you have specific questions, please contact us and one of our Allied Recruiters will assist you.

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