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5 Insanely Good Reasons to Become a Travel Nurse


While you’ll be performing the same job as you have been for however long you’ve been a nurse – you’ll just be doing it in brand new hospitals, with brand new colleagues in brand new cities and towns across the country. Here are our top picks for: 5 insanely good reasons to become a travel nurse.

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1. A Flexible Schedule

One of the most beautiful things you will experience when you become a travel nurse is getting to decide when, where, and for how long your next assignment will be. You can take as long of a break as you need in-between assignments or simply hop from one assignment to the next, the choice is always yours. This is especially helpful when there’s a big family event coming up, or a long-awaited vacation.

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2. Extremely Well Compensated


When you become a travel nurse, you will, hands down, make way more money as a travel nurse than you do as a staff nurse. According to the average travel nurse makes around $100K a year. Why do travel nurses make so much for doing the same job as a staff nurse? Well– in part because they’re filling in for a nurse shortage but also because they have the backing of travel nurse agencies, who go to bat for nurses and ensure they’re getting the best compensation package possible.

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3. Opportunities to Travel!


So it should be obvious that one of the biggest differences between a staff nurse and a travel nurse is that travel nurses are given the opportunity to travel all across the country working on different assignments.

Living in a different city every few months means there are always new and exciting things to try, foods to eat, places to visit, and interesting locals to meet!

While moving around so often isn’t for everyone, the process will quite simply make you a better nurse. You’ll gain more confidence by being in new situations and acquire a bunch of career enhancing knowledge.  Like learning about how nursing processes vary between cities, hospitals, and healthcare facilities. Or like how things operate totally differently in a non-profit hospital as compared to a for-profit hospital or a trauma center as compared to a community hospital.

4. Learning Mad Skills Beyond Nursing


When you become a travel nurse you’ll develop skills you simply wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn as a staff nurse.

For example: You can work in a multitude of different types of ICUs throughout the country and in the process learn how different the patient experience can be from hospital to hospital. For travel nurses, this makes them more compassionate nurses and human beings.  Not something you would have learned by being at the same hospital day in and day out.

By encountering an assortment of different people and situations in a healthcare setting, you’ll also learn to adapt and develop critical thinking and communication skills.  Not to mention the skills you’ll gain by getting acquainted with a new city, finding your way around and making new friends.

5. Meeting People from Around the Country 


If you’re a people person, then this is (for sure) the job for you. Travel nurses move from facility to facility, and are given endless opportunities to meet and connect with people from all walks of life. Not only does this provide them with a broadened perspective on life, but it also increases their network of healthcare professionals.

You never know where one connection might lead!

6. Job Security – Growth Opportunities


As we all know, there’s a nursing shortage and an endless demand for skilled nurses. In addition to the high compensation rate, becoming a travel nurse will quantifiably help your career. You’ll be exposed to the many sides of the nursing profession and see it from many different angles throughout your various assignments.

Not only will this help you pinpoint the direction you want your nursing career to take but it will also give you a multitude of options to choose from in deciding how to advance your career.

For Example: Because you’ll see how different the patient experience is at various hospitals – you could become really interested in having a direct effect on improving patient outcomes, so you might decide to become a Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) and will then be qualified to practice across the continuum of care within any healthcare setting.

7. Say Good-Bye to Office Politics

Guess what staff nurses never miss when they take jobs as travel nurses?


Any nurse that has worked any amount of time in any hospital will certainly have had their fair share of office politics. Unfortunately, when you work with the same people week in and week out, it’s a bit hard to avoid disputes over schedules, pay raises, promotions, even staffing ratios.

As soon as you become a travel nurse, you will immediately be free of all the drama because none of it will affect you personally. Win!

The one downside is making friends can be a little harder when you’re only on the assignment temporarily (although a ton of nurses do re-sign contracts at the same hospital).  But if you work hard, and help others, those invites to “Taco Tuesday” will come a lot faster than you think.

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