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How to Become a Travel Nurse. Easier Than You Think.


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What are Travel Nurses?

Travel nurses are super cool RNs who are looking to get out the daily rut and frustrations associated with staff nursing. They’re looking to make more money, have more schedule flexibility – and more time for themselves.

Travel Nurses are hired by hospitals through travel nurse agencies to fulfill nursing shortages. Travel nurses, on average, earn between $3,000 and $5,000 per week gross. That amount includes an hourly rate + a weekly travel stipend to cover costs of travel. Travel nurses usually work 3 to 4, 13- week contracts and earn over $150K annually.

Money. Freedom. Power. Travel Nursing.

A travel nurse with Next Move Inc will typically work three to four, 13-week contracts per year, with several weeks off between contracts, and an annual salary over $150,000.

Money. Freedom. Power. Travel Nursing.

All travel nurses have the freedom to choose which locations they’d like to work in and for how long. From working close to home – to working in a location you’ve always wanted to visit – travel nurses have limitless options.

Money. Freedom. Power. Travel Nursing.

All travel nurses are able to stipulate what they will and will not do on assignment. Block scheduling, “no-float,” and “no holidays” are just some of the options available in a travel nursing contract.

Money. Freedom. Power. Travel Nursing.

Take control of your travel #nurselife while earning more money, establishing a healthy work/life balance and advancing your career with exclusive contracts at award winning healthcare institutions throughout the country.

Is Travel Nursing Right For You?

If you’re a thousand percent confident in your nursing skill set and have an adventurous, outgoing nature, travel nursing may be just perfect for you.

There a ton of reasons RNs decide to pursue a travel nursing career such as:

  • High income potential
  • A desire for change
  • To feel in control of their career
  • More freedom and flexibility with their schedule

Before you start a travel nursing career, become as informed as possible. There are several internet forums focused on travel nursing that can provide you with a ton of inside information. Check out: The Nurse Link, Ultimate Nurse, and Reddit.

Pro-Tip: Take a Leave of Absence from your Staff Job

If you’re curious about travel nursing, but not ready to give up your full-time staff job, talk to your supervisor about your desire to explore travel nursing, and see if you can take a leave of absence as a backup incase travel nursing turns out to not be for you.

Requirements to be a Travel Nurse


Most healthcare facilities are looking for experienced RNs with at least 2-years recent experience. Nursing experience gives you:

  • Knowledge of patient care
  • Enhanced communication skills with professionals, patients, and relatives
  • Improved practical ability and knowledge
  • On-the-job insight
  • Confidence


Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)


Active nursing license in the state you wish to work or a compact license in a compact nursing state. Map of Compact Nursing States 2021

How to get a compact nursing license?


Minimum certifications required are:

  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS)
  • Basic Life Support (BLS)

Some travel nurse openings also require:

  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)
  • The National Institute of Health Strokes Scale (NIHSS)

Travel Nurse Salary

Most RNs that work at Next Move earn over $100,000 a year working an average of three, 13-week contracts per year with an average weekly salary of $3,000. Some RNs choose to work a little more to earn a little more and are earning over $150K a year.

Travel Nurses:

  • Are paid weekly
  • Earn an hourly rate + a weekly tax free travel stipend
  • On average earn a weekly salary of $3,000 gross (hourly + travel stipend)
  • Only pay taxes on their hourly rate. Their stipends are tax free
  • On average take between 6-13 weeks off per year, usually unpaid
  • Usually pay off student loans, and other types of debt within 2-years

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How to Get Started Travel Nursing

So you meet the qualifications, you’ve done the research, you’ve found a travel nurse agency(s), and you’re ready to get started.

First step: Paperwork

Travel Nurse Portfolio 

One of the keys to being a successful travel nurse and avoiding headaches is to get organized. By creating a travel nurse portfolio you’ll have any and all of the documents available to you with just the click of a button.

Every travel nurse agency will require a set amount of documents to begin the application process.

At Next Move we require the following documents in order to submit a nurse to a travel opportunity:

What Documents You’ll Need

Basic Documents

  • Complete & up-to-date resume
  • 2 References (name & contact information)

Learn More >>>

Pro-Tip: Tailor Your Resume for a Travel Nurse Job

Click here for a free travel nurse resume template. 

Connect with a Travel Nurse Agency

Once you’ve got your documents together, start reaching out to travel nurse agencies about their opportunities. If you have everything in order- you can get an offer in less than 2-weeks!

Why Work with Next Move Inc.?

The Next Move Difference

One of the biggest obstacles many travel nurses face are unanswered questions from their agency:

  • I was submitted to an assignment 3 days ago. What’s the status?
  • I start my contract in 2 days! Who is my hospital contact?
  • I saw a job that’s perfect for me, can you submit my application?

RNs Don’t work 9 to 5 and Neither Do We

At Next Move we are extremely proud of our 2-year long record of a response time rate of less than 1-hour. Whether it be by email, text, or by phone: our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any and all questions.

We also pride ourselves in taking the time to get to know the needs of our RNs before they ever have to fill out a single form. We truly take a “Nurse First” mentality in all that we do:

  • RNs at Next Move have a dedicated team available to them 24/7 via text, phone & email.
  • Next Move is owned and staffed by RNs who understand travel and what assignments will work best for you
  • Next Move typically pays 10% more than the larger staffing agencies
  • Next Move walks all RNs through every step of the travel nursing process before, during & after an travel nursing assignment.

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