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Ready to work for a kick-ass company with a 97% retention rate?


Hello all you beautiful people. As you may have guessed from the title of this blog post: Next Move continues to grow!

What can we say? We’re good enough. We’re smart enough & gosh darnit, people really like us!

But in all seriousness –  We’re doing a freakin’ good job staffing the best nurses in the best locations. And now, we’re looking for more awesome individuals to join our team to keep this really great thing moving!

Why work for us? We could say what everyone else says:

  • Competitive compensation packages
  • Full-healthcare benefits on Day 1
  • 401(k) with 4% match
  • Industry-leading PTO offering
  • Fun, start-up like environment
  • Full training to set you up for success
  • Frequent team building events
  • Some really kick-ass people to work with and for

But what sets us apart from the rest is that:

  • We hold a 97% (!!!) retention rate
  • Next Move truly provides the tools you need to be successful
  • The path for development and growth is clear and quickly achievable 
  • In the last year alone, our internal staff has grown by over 500%
  • The number of RNs we’ve booked has grown by over 1,000%

Yep. You’re reading all that right. 

Once you come to work for us – you’ll never want to leave – and you’ll want to invite all your friends to come work for us. And the RNs we staff – have said and do the same.

How do we do it? 

We legit have teams dedicated to employee satisfaction, a standardized career path for all our employees so that as we grow – they too can grow in their given professions.

But don’t take it from this random blog author, who happens to have been with Next Move for almost 3-years now (Hello! I love it!) – see for yourself.

About Next Move Inc.
Next Move Inc. is a travel nurse agency headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. We have one mission and one mission only: to be the best damn travel nurse agency in the whole damn world. Why limit yourself? We are Nurse First. Nurse Powered. And we put all our clinicians at the forefront of every single thing we do. 100% of our focus is on creating the best travel nursing experience for all our nurses.

To learn a little more about us – and get a feel for our company culture click here.

We are Currently Hiring:

If you or someone you know is interested in any of these openings, please shoot us an email at:

I love working at Next Move because everyone here is “Team Next Move.”  They want to be here, they want to see our company succeed, and most of all they love supporting our rockstar clinicians.  Many of the people on our team bring in their dogs to the office, and I LOVE all dogs.  It’s always such a nice surprise to see a little doggo in the office!

~Michael D. | Director, Allied Division

I love working for Next Move because everyone truly cares about everyone else and the environment is one of transparency and hard work. And I mentioned fun, right?? This is the most fun job I’ve ever worked at!! Top Golf outings and chili cook-offs…nothing could be better. I plan on staying here for years to come! 

~Danyelle S, Training Coordinator

Working at Next Move is like a choose-your-own adventure story. The ending isn’t written yet – we are all authors of it. It’s very gratifying to see an idea that popped into your head while driving implemented and utilized. Everything that supports our mission to be nurse-first is on the table. 

~Amanda M, People & Culture Program Manager

Next Move Inc
Nurse First.
Nurse Powered.

(816) 601 -3800

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