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How to Start Travel Nursing: Your First Two Steps


How to Start Travel Nursing

Honestly? If you’ve been nursing for at least two years and have a desire to make more money and have new experiences – then that’s really all you need.

For specific qualifications, such as licenses, and credentials, click here. 

how to start travel nursing

How to Start Travel Nursing: Step #1

A Travel Nurse Agency

Your first step is to find a travel nurse agency to work with as they’ll do all the heavy lifting for you and most healthcare organizations only hire through travel nurse agencies – so this is your best bet at securing consistent work.

The travel nurse agency will work with you to match your skills and experience to open traveling positions throughout the country.

​If you’re mostly interested in traveling to the coolest places throughout the country (like Los Angeles, California, for example) then you’ll want to choose a larger travel nurse agency that has contracts in all 50 states.

​If you’re more interested in making as much money as possible, you’ll want to choose a smaller agency that focuses on a specific area of the country – they tend to have better relationships with their hospitals – and offer higher rates of pay.

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How to Start Travel Nursing: Step #2

A Valid License and/or a Nursing Compact License

How to start travel nursing? Worried about having a license in a different state? Many states have a Nursing Licensure Compact (NLC), meaning if you have a license in one of those states – it’s good in the rest of the states that are under the NLC. There are currently 34 states that participate!

​If you’re offered a position in a state in which you do not hold a license and they’re not part of the NLC, your travel nurse agency may also help you with getting licensure.

How to Get a Nursing Compact License. It’s not as difficult as you might think!

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