Next Move News//August 21, 2020

Next Move Brings You: Comparison Shopping


A few weeks ago the team here at Next Move made the very exciting decision to join Wanderly, a platform for healthcare professionals to compare travel jobs from agencies all across the U.S.

We know – it may sound a little crazy to join a platform where folks can compare pay packages and benefits from leading agencies across the country, and not just ours – but we hold steadfast that we offer some of the highest rates, best benefits and most satisfying recruitment experience in the industry.

Besides that: we’re pros when it comes to assignments in the Midwest and we’re pretty sure no other agency can say the same.

Why Wanderly? 

With the Wanderly platform healthcare professionals can easily find new travel assignments, compare and contrast fully detailed opportunities and complete one universal application for all future assignments.

Friends don’t let friends take 37 skill tests.

Just think of it as comparison shopping and being able to do a side-by-side comparison of travel assignments across the country to see what’s just right for you.

With Wanderly we plan to showcase all our new travel opportunities and shine a light on the hidden gem that is the Midwest, specifically: Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, and Oklahoma. We do also offer elite assignments in California, Colorado, Oregon and Texas so you could also say we specialize in awesome opportunities!

Wanderly will give us the ability to increase our reach in communicating our services to all current travelers and those interested in nurse traveling. We’d like to continue to provide travelers the most transparent recruitment services, keep them up to date with incredible content, and provide a new and easy way to connect with us. We’d also like to continue our reputation for giving travelers the best jobs in travel nursing, at pay rates so high and recruitment services so personalized, nurse travelers will only want to work with Next Move Inc.

Check it out!

We’re very excited to be on the platform and we hope you’ll check out some of our newly published assignments today! Check it out! Wanderly.Us

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