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Next Move, Inc. Named a Top Rated Staffing Firm: First Half 2023



July 25, 2023 (KNSAS CITY, MO) — Next Move, Inc. is proud to announce that it has been named a Top Rated Staffing Firm award for the first half of 2023. This recognition from Great Recruiters highlights Next Move’s achievements in candidate & client experience, organizational efficiency, and brand reputation. 

Joining the ranks, yet again, of over 90 prestigious firms, Next Move, Inc. has demonstrated their commitment to capturing real-time feedback, automating instant action on that feedback, measuring recruiter performance & candidate experiences, and building social proof to elevate Next Move’s brand reputation. In the first half of 2023, Next Move received 201 reviews and achieved an average 4.95-star rating.

Learn how Next Move has leveraged Great Recruiters to turn positive feedback into referral business. 

It’s an honor to be able to work with such talented clinicians. Since our mission is “connecting people to create opportunities”, we are honored to be named a “Top Rated Staffing Firm” for the third time in a row. Our goal is to give our clinicians something we like to refer to as a ‘raving fan experience’, where their experience is so outstanding that they wish they could leave us 6-stars instead of 5.” Said John Heymach, RN, BSN, Chief Clinical Officer of Next Move. “Having Great Recruiters as a partner has allowed us to hear how we are doing in the eyes of our clients and clinicians which only makes us better as an organization. Their input and feedback is invaluable and helps us to constantly improve the experience for everyone”.

~John Heymach, RN, BSN, Chief Clinical Officer | Next Move, Inc.

Pictured above: Our Great Recruiter Certified Healthcare Recruiters

The Great Recruiters Top Rated awards validate Next Move’s leadership in healthcare staffing. “Winning a Top Rated award is the recognition you achieve when you are committed to providing a consistent, quality experience,” said Adam Conrad, Great Recruiters Founder & CXO. “It takes daily consistent effort across the organization to build a reputation strong enough to meet our standards of excellence. When you work with a Top Rated staffing firm, you can rest assured you’re working with the greatest.” 

Great Recruiters is an experience management and brand promotion platform that automates online review capture down to the desk level, enabling users to provide better candidate & client experiences, increase referrals, improve organizational efficiency & QA, and grow their brand reputation. To learn more about their Top Rated awards, visit

Next Move, Inc. is a clinician-first, clinician-led staffing agency, offering seamless, exceptional staffing solutions for healthcare providers and acting as the ultimate advocates for our clinicians. With 1,100+ 5-star reviews, Next Move has been incredibly successful in delivering our ‘raving fan’ experience. The real-time feedback from our clinicians allow us to constantly evolve and improve.

Next Move, Inc. was named as a top rated healthcare staffing firm for the entire 2022 year. To read more, click here.


About Next Move 

Next Move is a clinician-first, clinician-led staffing agency dedicated to providing an exceptional ‘raving fan’ experience for our clinicians and clients alike. We believe that clinicians don’t work for Next Move, but rather Next Move works for our clinicians. For more information, please visit:

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