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Travel Nurse Interviews: Jessica, ICU RN



The thing that sold me on Next Move was knowing that many of the recruiters are former travel nurses themselves. They really know firsthand what to look for and ask for when signing a contract and could preempt any sort of hiccup a first time traveler might experience.

~Jessica, ICU RN


Travel Nurse Interviews: Welcome to our “Travel Nurse Interviews” series where we introduce you to some of the RNs that work for us, give you a little first-hand insight into how they got started travel nursing and see what they have to say about working for Next Move! 

This week we’d like to introduce you to Jessica H, an ICU-RN with over 4-years of experience who has completed 4 travel nursing assignments.

Let’s get going!

Travel Nurse Interviews


Your Inspiration for Becoming a Nurse? 


Well, it looks like nursing runs in the family because my mom was also a nurse!  Seeing her use her nursing career to transition into many different roles is what sparked my interest in nursing at a very young age. She went from being a NICU nurse to a manager of a family resource center at a children’s hospital to where she is now, writing patient education material for an organization that provides information services and solutions for healthcare professionals.


Why Did You Switch to Travel Nursing?


Travel Nurse Interviews

I chose to make the switch to travel nursing because I was looking for a little more flexibility. As a travel nurse I’m able to take as much time off as I want in between contracts, and I’m able to choose the cities in which I work.


How did you hear about Next Move?


My recruiter (Caleb) was actually a travel nurse where I was a staff nurse. We met there and stayed in contact. He reached out to me and basically asked if I had ever considered travel nursing.


What prompted you to choose Next Move as your travel nurse agency?


Travel Nurse Interviews


The thing that sold me on Next Move was knowing that many of the recruiters are former travel nurses themselves. They really know firsthand what to look for and ask for when signing a contract and could preempt any sort of hiccup a first time traveler might experience.


Travel Nurse Interviews


It’s also nice that they operate outside business hours. I work mostly night shifts – and it’s really hard when I have a question, to have to wait until normal business hours to get an answer. At Next Move – I get a response at almost any time of day or night.


What has your experience with Next Move been like?


My experience with Next Move has been absolutely incredible. Honestly, I have zero complaints. Everyone has been awesome to work with, from my recruiter to the Director of HR, to payroll.


Where was your first travel assignment and what did you learn from that experience?


My first travel assignment was at a hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. I learned that I’m a natural at adapting to change and just going with the flow of things. I never know where I will be staffed for my next shift and so I’ve learned to just roll with whatever assignment I’m given.


How has nursing changed over the last year as a result of covid-19?


There is a much larger reliance on electronic communication than before the pandemic hit. We use it to schedule family visits and physician consults. Our patients are now having zoom meetings with their families when they’re unable to visit in person and providers are also using video to see patients in real time when they are unable to stop by and see a patient in person. It’s been a long learning curve, especially when it comes to nursing – but we’re learning!


What do you see changing in the coming year for travel nurses?


Travel Nurse Interviews

An increase in demand for travel nurses. Hospitals can’t function without nurses (and many other core positions). As a travel nurse, we are here to help staff those hospitals until they are able to fill the role permanently. Covid has taken a toll on everyone. I’ve seen nurses that have been at the bedside for 20+ years decide to walk away and pursue other opportunities. Travel nurses are important in helping to bridge those gaps for the hospitals.


Do you have any advice for a nurse considering traveling for the first time?


DO IT!! It has been the best experience. I highly recommend travel nursing to all of my nurse friends.


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