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Can LPNs travel nurse? Meet Samantha, an LPN traveler.



Interviews with Travel Nurses: Welcome to “Travel Nurse Interviews,” a series where we introduce you to some of the travel nurses that work for Next Move Inc. 

This week we’d like to introduce you to Samantha D, an LPN with a specialty in neurology, over 4-years of experience who has been traveling for the last year.

Let’s get going!

Travel Nurse Interviews


What inspired you to choose a career in healthcare?


I couldn’t get into the military, which was my first choice.  I was really looking for a solid career path – something that wouldn’t go away anytime soon and would always be around – so nursing it was!


What led you to Travel Nursing?


I made the switch simply because I learned I can earn more income as a traveler.


How did you hear about Next Move?


I was friends with Caleb Skyles, one of your recruiters, back when he was working as an RN full time. When he made the switch over to recruiting for Next Move – he reached out to me about travel opportunities. I knew Caleb had done travel nursing before, and he knew what travel nursing was all about, so I felt confident he wouldn’t steer me in the wrong direction. It was that sort of personal relationship – that helped me to develop trust in Next Move as an agency.


Travel Nurse Interviews


Is there anything Next Move could have done better?


Overall, I’d say my experience so far has been really good. But if you want me to be super honest – it has been a little hard for Next Move to get me into the areas that I’ve really wanted to work in.  I’ve learned that travel opportunities for LPNs aren’t as broad and available as they are for say an RN.

But some things have surprised me. Like my assignment in Omaha, Nebraska.

Nebraska was never really a place that was at the top of my list  to travel to– but once I was there – I loved it so much I moved there! Omaha is a really great place to be – it doesn’t feel like a big city at all and definitely has that small town vibe. I love that everything is just a short distance away.


What did you learn from your first travel assignment?


I’ve only done a couple contracts. My first contract was about 5 hours away from where I live in Missouri. I really liked it. It was in Omaha, Nebraska and I drove between there and home in between shifts. I liked the area so much that I moved to Omaha. The funny part is now I have an assignment in Missouri, so I drive there and back to Omaha.

There was nothing on my first assignment that really surprised me. I have a lot of travel nursing friends, so I sort of knew what to expect as far as hospital dynamics and the intricacies of being a traveler.


How has nursing changed over the last year as a result of Covid?


Travel Nurse Interviews


Healthcare workers have become more reliant on each other and the job has gotten a lot bigger. Looking back at the beginning of my career I realize how we all sort of took things for granted. Like a patient’s ability to survive an illness, or how fast a patient could deteriorate. Covid changed all that. As a result of the pandemic, we now rely on each other a lot more than we ever have before.


Before Covid, in a hospital setting, family members could come in to visit patients and stay they night any time they wanted to.  When Covid hit – we had to restrict that. And family members, more than ever before, had to rely on us to take care of their loved ones. To have their interests and their well-being top of mind. That’s sort of what led us healthcare workers to rely on each other more, to be more accountable with one another. For the sake of the families and those that were sick and dying of Covid.


What do you see changing in the coming year for travel nurses? 


I’m not really sure what to expect, especially with the new variants of Covid that we’re seeing, like the Delta variant, or the effect vaccinations will have long term. I mean if you had told me a few years ago that in 2021 we were going to have a worldwide Pandemic, I would have laughed at you.


Do you have any advice for a nurse considering traveling for the first time? 


Travel Nurse Interviews


There’s so much advice I could give, but my best piece of advice addresses those that are afraid of traveling. I’d just say “don’t be afraid” it’s really not that scary at all. And if you’re a bit nervous to start your first assignment – choose an assignment that’s close to home. Like within a couple of hours. That way if you get homesick, you can go home in between shifts.


The other thing I’d add is to not be afraid to ask questions wherever you do take that assignment. Because each facility you go to will operate a little differently, and it might not be what you’re used to. For example, at the hospital I used to work at LPNs could change PICC line dressings but the facility I worked at, during my first travel assignment, told me LPNs don’t change PICC line dressings. So bottom line, don’t be afraid to ask questions wherever you go. 


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