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Are Travel Nurse Recruiters Lying, Scheming, A-Holes?


We often receive comments on social media that we’re a bunch of liars, that none of the jobs we post are real jobs, and all we’re doing is just looking to scam RNs out of their livelihoods. So, we thought we’d take this opportunity to address some common misconceptions people have about healthcare staffing recruiters, healthcare staffing agencies, and recruiters in general.  Whether you’re a nurse, a recruiter or some rando that likes to comment on our social posts – if you have a sense of humor – this is the blog for you.

Let’s get to it…

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Recruiters Post Fake Jobs

If we had a nickel for every time someone commented “scam” or “liars!!!” on one of our social media job posts – we could all stop buying those Mega Million lottery tickets in the hopes of becoming billionaires – because we’d already be billionaires.

Ask yourself one simple question: to what possible advantage would it be, to garner interest in a job we don’t have? The nurse contacts us and we’re like: “Oh yeah – sorry about that – that job doesn’t actually exist, we made it up, here’s a shitty job instead?”

The reality: One hundred million percent of all the jobs we post are real jobs that are open at the time of posting. In fact – we make sure to NOT advertise jobs unless they were recently opened – so we don’t get stuck advertising a job that has already been filled.

Recruiters Take a Cut of a Clinician’s Salary

Probably one of the biggest misconceptions about recruiters is that they take a percentage of a clinician’s salary. While the agency as whole does need to make money to exist as a successful business, we don’t take money from clinician paychecks. Could you make more working as an independent nurse contractor? Absolutely. But it might not be as easy as you think.

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Recruiters Don’t GAF About You

Know any successful businesses that don’t GAF about their clients (Karen’s Diner aside)? The same is true with recruiters & travel nurse agencies, or at least Next Move. If our clinicians are not happy -they’re not coming back for more, they’re not referring us to their friends, and they’re not leaving 5-Star Reviews. We train our staff to put clinicians first in everything we do – to work tirelessly to match clinicians to the perfect jobs and provide what we call a “raving fan” experience. If our nurses are not happy, we are not happy.

Recruiters Don’t Know Sh*t About Nursing

Unbeknownst to many, several recruiters at Next Move, once worked, or are currently working as registered nurses. Not only that – but we have a month-long, rigorous training program to teach our recruiters about all the various nursing professions & specialties, along with what nurses look for in an ideal assignment. It would be a massive mistake to have recruiters on staff who do not understand the roles they recruit for. We’re lucky to be nurse owned and nurse operated – it makes our nurses experience far greater than they might at other agencies.

All Recruiters Are The Same

Is every nurse the same? If you had a bad experience with one nurse – would you refuse to work with nurses for all of eternity? Probably not. Same with recruiters. Every recruiter has their own personal style. A bad experience with one recruiter does not mean you won’t have a great experience with the next.

Recruiters Get Paid to Add Resumes to a Database

The last thing we need is a database full of resumes we can’t use. We only work with clinicians who have been vetted and are deemed qualified for travel nurse openings. No one is getting paid for filling our database with resumes – in fact – they might get fired if they tried. LOL.


Recruiters Manipulate Clinicians into Crappy Contracts

Kinda like we said earlier – we’re not exactly going to build a good reputation if we lie and scheme our way into as many placements as possible. If the nurse isn’t happy – no one is happy. We provide as many details as possible: from what is available on a contract, to specifics about the location, to how “travel friendly” a certain hospital is. Our goal in life is to make our clinician’s so dang happy with that contract that they come back for another.


Recruiters Just LOVE to Waste Your Time

If we have a great job for you – we’re going to contact you during the hours you said you’d be available. Even if that’s at 10:00pm at night.  If we don’t have what you’re looking for – we’re going to tell you right away – not after you’ve filled out 548,292 forms. If you didn’t get the assignment you were looking to get – we’re going to suggest a few other similar assignments. And last but not least – we never submit you to just one assignment – we submit you to many – to increase your chances of landing you a contract you’re interested in. Waste your time? Not at all.

The Bottom Line

We’re a real agency, with real jobs, and real people (some of them nurses) that are looking to find you assignments that meet all (or most) of your qualifications. Get connected with us today!


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