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You don’t have to travel far to travel nurse Meet Morgan MedSurg RN



First-Hand Insight into Travel Nursing: Welcome to “Travel Nurse Interviews,” a series where we introduce you to some of the travel nurses that work for Next Move Inc. Here we’ll give you a little first-hand insight into the world of travel nursing, offer you some tips on moving from staff to travel nursing, talk about the effect covid-19 has had on healthcare, and have some honest, open discussion about the future of travel nursing.

This week we’d like to introduce you to Morgan H, a Med/Surg RN with over 4-years of experience who has completed 4 travel nursing assignments.

Let’s get going!

Travel Nursing

What was the inspiration that led you to choose a career in nursing? 


I always wanted to be an RN, ever since I was a little girl. Taking care of people has always come natural for me. My dad was also a flight paramedic so that was also inspiring to me.


Why did you make the switch from staff nursing to travel nursing? 


I was doing case management work for worker’s compensation and this was at the time COVID was just hitting the scene. We basically stopped having any appointments for a couple of months because everything was shutting down.


At the same time a friend of mine had shared a post on a Facebook group of travel nursing jobs available in my area. It was a post by Next Move, and I ended up talking to one of your recruiters, Cecelia D’Agostino.


Travel Nursing



Cecelia was just so patient – I had a million questions and she answered them all – which really instilled in me a sense of trust in Next Move and helped me to feel comfortable enough to make the switch.


Next Move is the only travel nurse agency I’ve worked for, and I’ve now worked 4 contracts.


Is there anything Next Move could have done better? 


Really no, like I’ve been able to extend for 4 contracts now at my current facility in Springfield, Missouri. It’s really been amazing. When I reach out to my recruiter, I usually get a response back within 10-minutes. They also always give me options along the lines of “if we don’t extend – these are your options” which I really appreciate. I honestly have nothing bad to say about Next Move. Plus, the hospital I’m currently working in has been awesome and are very travel friendly. I haven’t had any issues at all.


How has travel nursing changed over the last year as a result of COVID?


Oh, wow. It’s changed a lot. Protocols are changing pretty much non-stop, like what PPE to wear, what tests you need to have done. It’s kind of just a new day every day, especially in the Springfield area where right now this new Delta variant is kind of running rampant. We usually don’t see the acuity as high as we’re seeing now, especially on a Med/Surg floor. You’re seeing patients that you would never even dream of taking care of in a normal world. It’s been a pretty crazy year.  


What do you see changing in the world of travel nursing in the next year?


I think what’s happening right now, is probably just going to continue, especially with the acuity we’re seeing. I just talked to a nursing friend of mine who works in the Springfield area and she told me that their ventilators are all in use – and a there’s only one more for new patients. So, I think what we’re seeing now is just going to continue until we can get a handle on these different COVID variants we’re seeing come in.


Do you have any advice for a nurse considering travel nursing for the first time?



I would say ask many, many questions. When I first started looking into travel nursing, I joined a couple travel nursing groups on Facebook and that’s where I learned a lot about travel nursing, especially what questions to ask.


Travel Nursing


When you’re just starting out – you don’t really know what travel nursing is all about – so you may not even be aware of what questions to ask. So, I found these groups to be really helpful.


I’d also advise that when you talk to recruiters, be super honest with them about what you’re looking for, about your skills, abilities, limitations and also what types of assignments you’re willing to accept and those that you are not. Lastly, I’d also say, really take the time to read through your contracts to make sure all the details you’ve agreed upon are on there.


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