Meet Our KickA** Team

To be the best travel nurse agency, you need the very best people.

Lucky for us (and you), they’re right here.

Next Move Healthcare

Executive Team

John Nolan John Nolan

John Nolan

Chief Executive Officer
John Heymach, <span>RN, BSN</span> John Heymach, <span>RN, BSN</span>

John Heymach, RN, BSN

Chief Clinical Officer
Clint Clevenger Clint Clevenger

Clint Clevenger

Chief Operating Officer

People Operations

Dawson Grant Dawson Grant

Dawson Grant

Vice President, People Operations
Kerrie Schwartz Kerrie Schwartz

Kerrie Schwartz

People Operations Partner

Finance & IT

Erin Ryan Erin Ryan

Erin Ryan

Vice President, Finance
Amanda McPherson Amanda McPherson

Amanda McPherson

Manager, Payroll
Stephanie Foss Stephanie Foss

Stephanie Foss

Payroll Assistant
Terree Paige Terree Paige

Terree Paige

Payroll Assistant
Nicole Robinette Nicole Robinette

Nicole Robinette

Justin Mitchell Justin Mitchell

Justin Mitchell

IT Systems Administrator


Brian Rubaie Brian Rubaie

Brian Rubaie

Compliance Manager
Lesley Wright Lesley Wright

Lesley Wright

Senior Compliance Specialist
Mika Colston Mika Colston

Mika Colston

Compliance Specialist
Andrea Zavala Andrea Zavala

Andrea Zavala

Compliance Specialist

Marketing & Sourcing

Danielle Ross-Knoll Danielle Ross-Knoll

Danielle Ross-Knoll

Vice President, Marketing
Chris Becker Chris Becker

Chris Becker

Director, Digital Marketing
Kyla Bradley Kyla Bradley

Kyla Bradley

Director, Brand Marketing
Sarah Perfect Sarah Perfect

Sarah Perfect

Manager, Content Marketing
Victoria Robertson Victoria Robertson

Victoria Robertson

Social Media Manager
Andrew Skinner Andrew Skinner

Andrew Skinner

Marketing Intelligence Manager

Nurse Recruiting

Caleb Skyles, <span>RN, BSN, CCRN</span> Caleb Skyles, <span>RN, BSN, CCRN</span>

Caleb Skyles, RN, BSN, CCRN

Director, Recruiting
Abby Matthews Abby Matthews

Abby Matthews

Team Lead, Recruiting
Danielle Adkisson, RN Danielle Adkisson, RN

Danielle Adkisson, RN

Team Lead, Recruiting
Curtis Burright Curtis Burright

Curtis Burright

Senior Healthcare Recruiter
Madison Meyer Madison Meyer

Madison Meyer

Senior Healthcare Recruiter
Melissa Clowers Melissa Clowers

Melissa Clowers

Senior Healthcare Recruiter
Bryant Kurtz Bryant Kurtz

Bryant Kurtz

Healthcare Recruiter
Grace Runge Grace Runge

Grace Runge

Healthcare Recruiter
Jessica Miller Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller

Healthcare Recruiter
Kyle LeBar Kyle LeBar

Kyle LeBar

Healthcare Recruiter
RayAnn Armstrong RayAnn Armstrong

RayAnn Armstrong

Healthcare Recruiter
Samuel Chippone Samuel Chippone

Samuel Chippone

Healthcare Recruiter
Tyler Carlson Tyler Carlson

Tyler Carlson

Healthcare Recruiter
Whitney Dunbar Whitney Dunbar

Whitney Dunbar

Healthcare Recruiter
Allison McDill Allison McDill

Allison McDill

Healthcare Recruiter

Allied Recruiting

Allison Clark Allison Clark

Allison Clark

Allied Recruiter
Frida Ortiz Frida Ortiz

Frida Ortiz

Allied Recruiter

Next Move Inc.

Account Management

Matt Kersey Matt Kersey

Matt Kersey

Director, Account Management
Adam Winter Adam Winter

Adam Winter

Account Manager
Bailey Rupiper Bailey Rupiper

Bailey Rupiper

Account Manager
Lyndsey Hill Lyndsey Hill

Lyndsey Hill

Account Manager
Zach Beyer Zach Beyer

Zach Beyer

Account Manager
Hailey Webb Hailey Webb

Hailey Webb

Account Coordinator
Keil Allison Keil Allison

Keil Allison

Account Coordinator
Tyler Lee Tyler Lee

Tyler Lee

Account Coordinator

Next Move Surgical Services

Account Management

Ty Taylor <span>LSA, CSA, SA-C</span> Ty Taylor <span>LSA, CSA, SA-C</span>

Ty Taylor LSA, CSA, SA-C

Director, Surgical Solutions
John Duncan John Duncan

John Duncan

Vice President, Operations
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