Next Move News//April 07, 2022

From the Desk of John Nolan, CEO


As the CEO of Next Move, I get to spend most of my time supporting the incredible staff of this agency to dream bigger and strive harder in serving our clinicians. Occasionally though, I want to drop in with our clinicians directly – this feels like an important moment to do so. We’ve experienced a lot of changes in the travel nurse industry lately and if you’re like us, your head might be spinning!

I’ve never been more confident in the team at Next Move. Every single member of this staff is here to support you through each transition and shift in the travel nurse industry. Our goal is to create opportunities for you to experience continued success in both your personal and professional goals. You are traveling to pay off student debt, save for retirement, learn new skills, meet new people. Whatever your reasons, you’re part of the Next Move family and you deserve the highest degree of transparency. 

Throughout the ongoing COVID pandemic we have seen hospital censuses burst to capacity, staffing shortages grow and travel nursing rates skyrocket to unprecedented levels.

And now? Hospital censuses are declining nationwide, as is the need for additional staffing. This results in what you’ve probably already seen: lower rates of pay for travel nurses.

While most healthcare systems and locations aren’t dropping rates to pre-pandemic levels just yet – some are offering rates well below market value. More broadly, rates across all specialties are dropping slightly. Over the next several weeks and months, it’s likely all rates across all specialties will drop to more stabilized levels.

While these rate fluctuations may feel unusual if you’ve only traveled during the pandemic – they’re actually very normal. When hospital censuses rise, so does the need for more clinicians. Increased need results in increased pay. Conversely, when the need for clinicians decreases, so do the rates of pay. There are more travel nurses in the marketplace than ever before. Hospitals are actively reassessing their needs and it’s likely competition for travel nurse openings across all specialties will grow.

Next Move still has tens of thousands of travel opportunities available and we are here to ensure you are always successful in finding consecutive and consistent work.

A few insider tips:

  • Work with your recruiter to create a list of “must-haves” for future assignments. Be upfront about what will and what will not meet your expectations!
  • Be as flexible as possible with each new contract. Not every contract will have everything you’re looking for, but keep in mind – most contracts are only 13-weeks long. You can do anything for 13 weeks, right?!
  • When applying, stay in touch with your recruiter and be ready and available for an offer. Same day offers are not uncommon!

The entire Next Move Team practices radical transparency about job opportunities and you can rely on us to clearly communicate any changes that occur in our industry. Your recruiter is your best and most “in-the-know” advocate. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, they are committed to ensuring you continue to have the best travel nursing experience possible.


John Nolan, CEO Next Move Inc.

John Nolan, CEO
Next Move Healthcare

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