Next Move News Testimonials//November 19, 2020

What makes Next Move different than other travel nurse agencies?


This week we had a chance to sit down with the n CEO of Next Move Inc. for a little Q&A on the travel nursing world and who we are as an agency: What makes Next Move Inc. and the recruiters at Next Move different than other travel nursing agencies? What our Next Move’s challenges and successes?

What makes Next Move Inc. different from other agencies?

We’re constantly focused on 3 things, each of which differentiate us for other types of agencies.

  1. Adhering to strict pay requirements that ensure we always off the most competitive rate.
  2. Engaging with our clinicians to regularly assess what they actually want, which in turn helps us fine tune the things that matter and eliminate the things that don’t.
  3. Short term and long term technology investments that will keep our rates increasing and keep decreasing the friction in the process of getting healthcare providers to work.

What makes the recruiters at Next Move Inc. different?

A significant amount of our staff is or has been a healthcare provider. Adding clinicians to your recruiting team, both at the manager and recruitment level, has helped the entire organization focus on our relationships and the level of service we provide. So often we hear travelers say that their experience with Next Move was night a day to other agencies. It should never feel like a negotiation or a transaction. We are advisors, gurus, market experts, good listeners, and hard workers.

What is your biggest challenge day to day with a staffing agency?

Predicting the future. Especially now in the wake of such a wild year. We learned a lot of lessons in the first few months of the covid-19 outbreak; about how much hospitals rely on elective surgery, and how big of an impact “stay-at-home” had on healthcare delivery systems. We get asked everyday to solve complex problems by our facility clients.

“Why can’t I fill this ICU nurse job opening? Will there be candidates available on short notice if we have a COVID outbreak in our area? Will you still pay nurses who get sick with covid-19 even though we won’t pay you?”

I spend most of my time thinking about all that could go wrong for our clients and the clinicians, assessing the likelihood and the impact of those risks, communicating that data to our team and customers, and hoping I am seeing things clearly. Unfortunately, in times like these, even the most accurate data is often wrong.

If you could go back in time and change one thing with Next Move Inc. what would it be?

I would have told our clients to stock up on PPE in 2019!

How has Next Move grown so quickly to become the leader in the Midwest for travel nurse staffing agencies?

Our team of nurses, allied professionals, recruiters, and customer success managers have all risen to the challenge this year. I could point to some strategic decisions, hilarious marketing campaigns, and good luck – but the truth is we just have the best, hardest working, kindest people at Next Move. I think clinicians see this when they are working with our staff on the unit, or talking with a recruiter. Facilities see it when we deliver on our promises and spend late nights and long weekends finding solutions to their scheduling and census problems. Our people are just the best!

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